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JUST IN: LAUTECH Students, Staff Reacts Over Suspension/Expulsion of 15 Students For Malpractices



The management of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso has sanctioned about 15 students for examination malpractices.
The development is contained in a document made available to Mouthpiece NG on Monday.
It read: The senate, at its meeting of Thursday, May 30, 2019 approved the report and the recommendations of examination malpractices panel that sanctioned erring students and arrived at the following;
The decision of the management has sparked outrage on social media most especially on LAUTECH groups with many students condemning and describing the decision of the school management as “harsh and cruel”.
Below are the reactions from students, staff, and some Alumni members as gathered on LAUTECH eagle.
“I’m certain over 75% of students commit exam malpractices of all kinds during exams, so they shud just expel everyone and lets see how the so called management body will get paid When there’s no fund.
“Expelling a 400l student, if the fellow now drink sniper the management will still be at ease abi, wen dey caused the fellows death.
This are little things that caused depression but we give no concern abou it.
“They are here to learn and if they haven’t learnt enough to pass they should repeat the class…..
If you cheat to pass, then accademic institutions have failed.
“I think suspension is better than expulsion that’s too much I beg
I think the caretaker committee should look into this
“Management already dishing out suspension and expulsion while the result Of the first semester exam is not even out.
“If they are innocent let them appeal the judgment, with proof.
“*No To Examination MalPractice*
As Unionist, we must be distinct on this ground. I can remember myself and @Mayor Akinyemi Ayodeji once submitted and almost empty script in a test because unionism didn’t allow us to prepare well. Our colleagues were ready to feed us but we weren’t ready to collect it from them.
Phy 302 I think by Dr George. We answered just one question each out of three. And we got gisting in the hall.
“We are not advocating for exam malpractices but expulsion is heavy considering what’s trending in our society.
“The truth is that some will be called to the panel, they won’t even bother to honour the invitation
They will later expel them and people will be defending them
“Why even justifying what isn’t good sef? In a saner clime, if you are caught cheating, you are out of the university.
They do it In most private universities
“Some people are doing what’s more than exam malpractice in this school….
They no see them.
“And lecturers that aren’t doing their job as supposed which in a way gives room for malpractice. What has the management done to that?
“How sure are you they didn’t honor invitation? A friend of mine has faced panel because he wanted to date a lecturers gf. Is that one too panel?
“You want to correct someone with expulsion? Where did you want that person to start from after 7years..
And later that man or woman will turn to a criminal and disturbing the peace of the citizens.
“Seriously no be curse, one of them go still attempt suicide with this nonsense list
“With the high rate of suicide in d country, the institution isn’t helping at all but rather add to the concurrent issue
“Management wanna massacre a student for manipulation.
“I have four of my classmates on that list and it is hurting me..Because I know if the school want to be fair they should expel half of my classmates
“I know one of them who is a sickle cell patient that was so sick during this exams, e only managed to come to exam hall the day he was caught with a shit of paper..
Are u telling me he doesn’t want to read also? Let us try not to judge people easily.
I know someone will b like, he is not suppose to come for the exam.. But my brother after waisting many years already
“My own suggestion is that the school should reconsider their decision… It’s not worth it. Thou, those people are seriously at fault. Imagine matric 09….and 12…its saddened after long time wasted because of the havoc the immediate past ownership caused and now its now the school turn to add more. *Please, I urge the appropriate quarters to tamper the justice with mercy*. Expecting response on this
“It is not good to engage in Exam Malpractices buh Expulsion is too big as punishment.
We aint justifying them buh pls the management should rescind their decision and tamper justice with mercy
@Uncle Ben Canada @Dr Ige @Dr Lawal @DSA @Dr Adeyemo Busta
You are all our fathers please help us plead to the management, this is not what our alma mata need at this point in time where there is high rate of suicide.
We are looking forward to a good news from you. And the students should equally should stay away from any form of Exam malpractices and indiscipline.
( _xyz_ ES LSUG)
“Please our fathers in the house should do something about.. The rate of suicide is increasing day by day as @Fabulous- Cps said and those affected might be thinking or seeing it as the end of the journey… Imagine serving Corper committed suicide last week @ibadan talk less of someone who received expulsion news. The earlier is the best as we plead 🙏 on their behalf. Thanks
“👌…. I feel to move a step further, since there are no student Union executives at the moment, league of faculty presidents can approach the DSA to plead on behalf of the students. They can also make their appeal formal by writing to the vice Chancellor and the chairman COPD. I believe the school will be magnanmous the reduce the sanctions.
“The Alumni president, Chief Bewaji and the Alumni Body as a whole should please also do something about this matter, the MLS students for example are long overdue on campus already @Prince Kobby Can bear me witness. Pls help plead to the management to rescind their decision on this.
We know they are our fathers and mothers and they love us. A yoruba proverb says *A ò lè lé omo búburú fún ekùn paje*.
Pls they should tamper justice witu mercy.
“If you’ve faced a panel before, you’ll know there’s no panel. A chick will always be guilty in a gathering of hawks.
“In one way or the other the school management have also breach the agreement we have, and we still try and understand the school.
We know this people are wrong, all we pray for is the management to tolerate them with mercy.
“Some of these students are due for induction sef. Any help from anyone will be appreciated.
“E sanu ikun le abiyamo” 🙏🙏🙏
“I want to thank you for calling me out on this issue. I will quickly make my submissions here ad they are as follows:
1. Examination is the hallmark of discipline in any academic environment. No sane person must encourage this. You cannot be dragged to face exam mal. panel if you have not compromised exam standards. Any student dragged before this panel must have actually committed one malpractice or the other, must have been made to willingly filled some forms and some evidences collected. for instance, how do you plead or justify a case of a student asking somebody to come and sit for him for an exam simply because such student didnt have time to read like many of u will say dat he has gone to hustle for sch fees? it is not done. Any case brought before this panel has always been treated on its merits.
2. Majority of undergraduate students these days are not university materials hence the reason for most of them struggling to survive academically. Some are in wrong departments just for the sake of acquiring university degree. Some are supposed to attend NCE but bcos of societal and parental influence, they must acquire a degree by all cost.
Be that as it may, and as i did say earlier, the issue of exam malpractice is something no reasonable person will condone. However, if any student can establish a case of victimisation or if such student has enough reasons or proofs for why he/she should not have been reprimanded, such proofs should be brought forward. For the different degrees of punishment meted out. I believe we all have a copy of the students book and please remember the oath of matriculation you all took when being admitted. All these are not jokes. lastly, an armed robber who left his home in the middle of the night going for an expedition should always think of the consequences of such expedition. Even as a student activist, i never encouraged nor abhorred exam malpractice, and now as a reformist. i will never do so, it is against all laws. God even detests it. I so submit.
“Its just sad we have gotten to a point where the normal thing is now becoming immoral. Things are now upside down and then we see people doing the right thing as being odd.
“We all bought the students handbooks, forcefully self, we all read the oaths and know the laws. What’s now the fuse if its being implemented?
This laws were there before we got admitted and anyone who feels its harsh has a choice of opting out.
It’s the law and I believe it should be respected.
On our acceptance letter we got a 5yr course just to spend 7yrs without having an extra yr, shudnt the school management be sued for a bridge in contract. Till date class17 students didnt see their IT fund, which other schools have seen, wat went wrong? Should we talk about manuals bought which we all know is wrong?
The school management comes in hard in ensuring that students who partake in examination malpractice are severely punished but has the school management cared to ask why???
As ladokites are we taught in academically conducive environments? Does the environment aid learning or it breeds corruption??
How many halls in lautech have good public address systems? When last Was The syllabus reviewed to check if it’s still in tandem with recent needs??
Does the school management check on the excesses of lecturers?? The nuc made it clear no sales of handouts! But people are going to buy manuals forcefully in agric this semester.
The union is not here to fight for us and I’m not in Any way supporting exam malpractice as it has no excuse but LAUTECH has to move on from its modus operandi or else we will continue to have students to expel and suspend.
“We pray and hope management will tamper justice with mercy.
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